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Certified American Board Of Orthodontics
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Lewisburg: (931) 270-8381
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Welcome to the Website of James L. Ferguson Jr., D.D.S., M.S.D.

In these pages, I will provide you with some insight into my staff members and I and give you my opinions on current orthodontic therapies and how they relate to my practice. I will do this by presenting one of my papers that was published as a letter to the editor in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. I will also give you my opinions on current controversies in orthodontic circles. For those who have never visited, I hope that this website will serve as a suitable introduction to my office so that you're comfortable when you visit and already familiar with some of the thoughts and opinions that we hold. For those of you who are already patients, I hope that this website will give you further insight into what we are all about. In time, and with the appropriate patient and parent consents, I hope to present actual cases that I have treated so everyone can see the magnitude of what can be accomplished with orthodontic treatment. I welcome your comments and questions. You can call me at (615) 794-0698.
I firmly believe that for an orthodontist and his practice to be truly successful, he must adhere to the seven objectives of orthodontic treatment, as outlined by the Charles H. Tweed Foundation. These seven objectives are as follows:
  1. Positioning and arrangement of the teeth
  2. For maximum facial esthetics.
  3. For maximum functional efficiency.
  4. For a healthy and esthetic dental relationship.
  5. For long term stability.
  6. For enhancement of the favorable growth pattern and help with compensation for those patterns that are not normal so that a continual state of maximum environmental harmony exists.
  7. All orthodontic care must be rendered in an ethical, moral and compassionate manner.
No orthodontic treatment takes place in my office without a complete and thorough diagnosis involving the following:
  • Panoramic Radiograph–X-ray of all the teeth on one film by which any pathology or dental anomalies can be determined.
  • Cephalometric Radiograph–X-ray of the head by which skeletal and dental discrepancies can be determined
  • Diagnostic models of the patient's teeth by which measurements of dental discrepancy can be made
  • Pictures of both the patient's face and teeth.
tooth extraction dentistry
Each of these diagnostic tools is measured and analyzed, and a complete diagnosis is made that will enhance both the patient's dentition and facial appearance. I do not feel that a panoramic radiograph alone is sufficient to make a real comprehensive diagnosis, and I do not support the placement of orthodontic appliances on the patient's first appointment. This mindset assumes that no diagnosis is necessary and that every patient is the same and can be treated the same. I treat every patient as a unique individual with a unique set of problems to be solved. I handcraft the arch wires that are placed in the patient's mouth, and each one is designed for that patient and that patient's problems. I personally place the orthodontic appliances on the patient's teeth, because I feel that this is too important a procedure to be delegated to assistants. All of my assistants are registered dental assistants.

Dr. James L. Ferguson Jr., D.D.S., M.S.D. is ready to work for you.

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